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Do members of Congress actually read and consider the letters and emails I send them?

A study done by the Partnership of a More Perfect Union cited that members of Congress are more receptive to constituent feedback than you may think. The survey, which interviewed Congressional staff members, concluded that constituents who make the effort to personally communicate with their Senators and Representatives (with the exception of those communicating via fax) are more influential than lobbyists and news editors. More than 60% of staffers surveyed strongly agreed that responding to constituent communications is a high priority in their offices.  

This, in large part, is due to the opportunities made available by new technologies. For instance, 87% of staffers believe that email and Internet have made it easier for constituents to become involved in public policy, and 57% of these staffers feel that email and the internet have made Senators and Representatives more accountable to their constituents. Click here to view a short video on the History of Correspondence to Capitol Hill.

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