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I'm a member of my local chamber of commerce. Does that make me a member of the U.S. Chamber?

Unless your local chamber has partnered with the U.S. Chamber through the Federation Partnership program or you have joined as an individual, you are not a member of the U.S. Chamber. Because the U.S. Chamber is not a parent organization of other chambers, not all state, metro, or local chambers are members of the U.S. Chamber. Chambers of commerce are independently started and operated, and anyone can start a chamber at any time, any place.

As mentioned previously, there is one exception to the rule—the U.S. Chamber's Federation Partnership program. If your local chamber has signed onto the program and you are a small business, you receive a complimentary U.S. Chamber membership. See if your local chamber is a partner.

To become of member of the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, or to learn more about membership, see our membership page.

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