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  • View Cleaners, Irvine, CA
Pierre Cinar owns three View Cleaners locations in Irvine, Ladera Ranch, and Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. He employs 15 hardworking individuals whom he considers family. Pierre’s goal in serving customers is a simple one: make each customer happy and make their experience at View Cleaners the best one they can have. - Nominated by P. Cinar

  • Printer Source Plus, Jackson, MI
Printer Source Plus has been a business in Jackson for eight years. The business owners and employees are very involved in the Jackson community and Chamber. The Jackson community benefits greatly from this Jackson business. This business deserves to be a Favorite Local Business! Thank you for your time and consideration! - Nominated by B. Chase

  • Forget Me Nots of Brandon, Brandon, MS
I am nominating a client of mine who I have seen grow a lot and give so much to the community. Forget Me Nots of Brandon, LLC is a consignment store which has grown to a location of over 10,000 square feet in just a couple years from a small place of about 500 Square feet beginning in 2010. Move to 10,000 Square Feet in 2012 and going strong. - Nominated by R. Hood

  • A Master Mechanic, Sparks, NV
A Master Mechanic began its roots in Carson City Nevada when a teenage boy was given a challenge. Seeing an old beat up tractor in a field in his neighborhood gave him an idea. He approached his neighbor about purchasing the tractor, offering to do yard work to earn it. The older gentleman laughed, "If you can make that tractor run, it is yours." At twelve years old, Jeff made that tractor run, sold it and bought his first car (which he also had to fix) and the challenge of the automotive world instilled itself in his heart. Now, almost forty years later, Jeff stills serves the automotive community at A Master Mechanic. He uses his lifelong experiences and knowledge to operate a premium shop for the everyday person! - Nominated by S. Pheasant

  • Glenwood Adventure Company, Glenwood Springs, CO
Glenwood Adventure Company is the heart and soul of Glenwood Springs. They introduce all of the best parts about this awesome little town in Colorado to visitors - and make sure the locals don't forget why they live here. Vive le adventure!! - Nominated by H. Hedge

  • TailsSpin, Savannah, GA
TailsSpin is known as a pet store with a heart.  We do events to help our community and local pet communities.  - Nominated by J.Y. Bernhard

  • Mid-Towne Antique Mall, Little Rock, AR
Mid-Towne Antique Mall has been a fixture in Little Rock for over a decade.  It began as a small operation with only a few dealers and has grown to a business that is in the process of expansion and renewal.  This small business has gained the accolades of many including 11 awards from our local media and reader based polls.  The Mall staff has created an environment which has transformed this business into a complete success with an incredible future. - Nominated by M. Maher

  • La Carreta Mexican Restaurant, Manchester, NH
...a local eatery and family owned and operated. In addition to providing great food and atmosphere, they are an excellent model for corporate give-back. Always involved in helping the community...their donations to local organizations are too many to list and their willingness to host special events and help with publicity provides much support to local causes. - Nominated by S. Bruzzese

  • Reese Technology Center, Lubbock, TX
The Reese Technology Center in Lubbock, Texas, is one of the more successful base closure programs in the US.  We celebrate their success as well as their support to our community.  They are our local favorite businesses and we are proud to help recognize them. - Nominated by E. McBride

  • The Paint Mixer, Park City and Salt Lake City, UT
The Paint Mixer is Park City and Salt Lake City's premier Art and Wine concept. It is a unique venue for unleashing your inner artist and having a great time with friends, family and colleagues. The studios and offsite events are perfect for a night out, parties for adults and kids, and great for corporate and team building events. The staff is professional and entertaining, leading guests through step-by-step instruction of one of the 90 featured pieces of art and provide instruction about the wine, beer, champagne and mimosas! - Nominated by N. Lecher

  • The Silver Door Hands on Arts & Crafts Center, Bonifay, FL
Located in a small town, bringing an unique experience to all that visit this multi medium art farm. Introducing both young and old to the ARTS... with educational, fun programs. Teaching visitors to follow their dreams, and connect with their creative side. You will also experience "farm life" during your visit. A must visit destination. - Nominated by C. Templeton

  • Michelle Lee Designs, Cranston, RI
I nominate Michelle Lee Designs. Michelle has a very creative mind and spirit. Any project she gets her hands-on, the passion for her work shines through. Whether Michelle is designing a commercial or residential space, she is always able to take the clients vision and turn it into a reality. It's nice to see what started as a small business years ago thrive the way it is today and she just continues to keep growing! - Nominated by A. Hodge

  • Clarity Eye Group, Huntington Beach, CA
Ophthalmologists here go out of their way for their patients. One surgeon has traveled to less fortunate countries and performed surgery on their eyes and giving them their sight back. Another surgeon performs LASIK and his patients have the best vision ever with no glasses or contacts! This company has been in business for over 40 years and their compassion and care for their patients goes above and beyond just being an Ophthalmologist. - Nominated by K. Burchfield

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