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Design and Development

Creating a website is like building a house – you don’t want to try it on your own unless you possess the necessary skill set. Your best bet is to outsource in the same way you might outsource your business’s bookkeeping or tax returns. Web designers and developers can be found in abundance on craigslist.com or, even better, through word of mouth among your friends and entrepreneurs. Whoever you hire, be sure to look closely at their prior work. You want a design/development team whose work looks clean, professional, and modern.

If the thought of a vendor seems daunting or too expensive, there are relatively simple do-it-yourself options available via godaddy.com or Intuit, the makers of Quicken and wordpress.com.  While not as visually dynamic or multi-functional as what an experienced team can create for you, these sites can and will do the job.

There is one thing you absolutely should outsource to a trained graphic artist: your logo. That single mark, your business’s visual initials, rarely comes easily. The best logos are metaphors for the businesses they represent and interchangeable with the brand itself.

Think about the Nike swoosh, the McDonalds golden arches, Apple’s apple, the Mercedes Benz three-pointed star.


Whether you’re in need of a logo or a website that will stand out from the crowd, IWS stands ready to help you make it happen. Contact us today at www.workwithiws.com for a consultation that’s free to U.S. Chamber of Commerce referrals.

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