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Domain Names

Nowadays, the phrase "dot com" is everywhere in our culture and so are the names of popular "dot com" sites. Creating a name for your business online is all about sticking in someone's mind. Think of the websites you can remember in 10 seconds: Amazon, Google, Yahoo, EBay, YouTube. Each of these site names share basic characteristics: they're catchy, easy to recall, and they relate to their owners' business. Your domain name should do the same.

Perhaps the easiest way to find out if your chosen domain is available is to use a domain registration site like godaddy.com, networksolutions.com or register.com. There, you can search to see if your choice is for sale and, if it is, you can buy it and make it yours, whether for eternity or just a year.

Once your domain is all yours, it's time to think about design and development.

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