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Workplace Wellness

Employers are the bedrock of our current health care system. Nearly 55% of Americans, totaling 169 million individuals, receive health insurance through their employer. As the largest purchasers of health care, employers, both large and small, are uniquely situated to help provide leadership in finding solutions, and can exert transformative change.

Workplace wellness programs are a win-win for both the employer and employees. Employees who participate in workplace wellness programs are fitter, more productive, have better morale, and are safer than employees who do not otherwise treat their chronic conditions. Employers who offer wellness initiatives have achieved excellent returns on their investment.  Programs that follow best practice guidelines return $2 to $3 dollars for each dollar invested.

Please read this brochure for instructional steps on how to set up a workplace wellness program.

The Workplace Wellness page includes the Chamber’s Workplace Wellness Toolkit to help employers set up a workplace wellness program.

Instructional Video
Listen to an expert in the field, Anne Marie Ludovici-Connolly, give a brief tutorial on how to set up a workplace wellness program. Ms. Ludovici-Connolly is a subject matter expert in health, wellness and prevention, and author of Winning Health Promotions Strategies, a how-to guide on how to plan, develop, and implement successful worksite wellness programs.

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